Your business is unique, and so is the sustainability journey you have in front of you. Our service – management consultancies with a sustainability focus – can be customised according to your needs, but they will typically involve one or more of the components below.

Most companies have a journey ahead of them in relation to sustainability. Some want to become carbon-neutral, others need to rethink their business models, and yet others want to nudge their suppliers to a more sustainable partnership, and so forth. The span shows that some companies are stuck with basics while others have come a long way on the sustainability journey.

Management support

We-ness offers support for management and board. It’s about management and leadership. Read more

Getting started, Getting Inspired!

Getting started, getting inspired!  Inspirational lectures, or presentations, related to sustainable business, Agenda 2030 etc. Read more.

Analysing your context

Analysing your context. How sustainable is your company in relation to your competitors and which standards apply? Read more


Setting goals, targets and KPI’s. Developing a sustainability plan, a sustainability strategy or a sustainable strategy? Read more

Learning and Competence development

Arranging and facilitating sustainability working groups. Engaging your company! Read more

Conducting a materiality- and a stakeholder analysis

Conducting a materiality- and a stakeholder analysis. Getting your priorities right. Read more

Sustainability reporting

Follow-up and reporting. Choosing framework for your sustainability report and make reporting part of your learning. Read more


Do you need to evaluate your sustainability work? We like evaluations and learning! Read more